Finding a job trouble?

i have beenout of work for 5 months... I've had anxiety and depression issues so its been difficult, i have a bachelors of science , degree in graphic design with a minor in buisness. but i am not confident in my skills (have a website , its not very popular), I've checked websites (snag a job, craigs list, est), had profecional help in my search. i just can't find anything, i have anxiety issues with driving and cash or food handeling, used to work at a bank and i got let go. im not sure what to do... even tried this streangth finder test to help me, best i found from that is my bigest treangth is empathy. i have loans to pay and i need to move out, i feel like I've run out of options.

i did apply from unemployment but they never called or emailed me and they dont answer there phones.


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  • it takes lots of time.

    • i dont even know were to begin o. o

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