My boyfriend lost his job today, I don't know what to do in this situation?

He's been welding for this company for years, and he just got booted today. Just purchased a new house and car that cost a fortune. When he told me the news, I literally cried for him. I'm afraid he'll start drinking his emotions away... Is there anything that anyone can suggest in this situation? It's really heart breaking.


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  • It down right sucks to loose your job, be there and support him. Do what you can to help him. Encourage him to find another job. Maybe even help him look.

    • I'll do that, thank you.

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  • You need to get a job and he needs to get a job, i believe that both partners should get a job so that neither leans too much on the other because what if you break up or they die or you die or what happened to you, which would be job loss, they should be able to have the job as a fall back, because you never know what could happen, but just go get yourself a job and when you and your boyfriend go in for interviews you can have each other for recommendations. Though i don't really have very much experience with anything like this, this is what i believe you should do, it is only an opinion, in no way would i be blaming you and if i come accross as blaming you then i appologize and i tell you this could happen to anyone but life is not about what happens to us, it's about how we respond. Just get yourself out there and find a job and do what you gotta do.

    • Thank you for your advice, I have a job... But my salary alone can't pay these bills and still spare money to eat and get gas with. I usually help contribute. He worked many hours of overtime and I hardly see him when he does, and that's often... So a second job really wasn't an option. You made a good point

    • glad I could help some.

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  • Get a new job... Sad fact of reality is that there's no such thing as a permanent job now. And yet the pundits wonder why millenials are taking their time buying house, getting married, and having kids (if at all). It's because of the fucking Republican policies which have fucked over workers for 34 years now.

    I'll let the robot Ash from "Alien" speak for me...

    If it's any consolation, I will likely be unemployed soon too.

    • True that, I'm a pastry chef and I'm just waiting for the day...

  • Welding is pretty well needed job, he should be able to get work again, do they iron workers where you live? Custom bike shops , even junk yards need welders

    • Sadly we live in the ol' country with a few giant corporations. He'll have to travel to even get another job like that, but thanks anyways. Means a lot.

    • Also big rig truck and trailer repair shops need welders, could always get a tractor trailer job, that's always in demand, it's kept me steadily employed for 20 years

    • That's a good suggestion... I'll be sure to mention it when things settle down.

  • I'm in the same boat as him. I am also a welder except I'm going on 2 months of not being employed. Tell him to file for unemployment! Truth is the welding business is slow right now and with gas getting cheaper it's just looking even more worse for us welders. I try and try to find a job for welding and everybody hits me with the same bs "it's slow or we're not hiring welders atm"

    • I'm sorry to hear that... Hope your luck turns back around. I'll tell him that, thank you.

    • Tell em to stick to his trade tho, don't give up on it cause when the money's there it's there, and thanks!

  • Did he check his pockets?


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