Quiz Which M*A*S*H Character Are You?

I got Col. Potter. Perfect, since he is who I want to be like when I'm older. What about you?https://www.legacy.com/news/did-you-know/which-mash-character-are-you/1954/


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  • I got BJ but Frank is my favorite.

    • Frank was pretty funny, but he got kind of one dimensional as it went on. Plus, he makes conservatives look bad. B. J. wasn't the funniest one, but he seemed like the kind of guy I'd want to hang around with.

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    • Yeah exactly. The writers could've easily done it with him but they chose to just make her redeemable not him. I think it was a bad choice. They made Frank worse and replaced him with someone that really wasn't that great in my opinion. He could've been great until they made him batshit crazy. Yeah he was always paranoid lol loved that about him.
      Well I didn't think he was that funny and he looked kind of like a French clown to me. It also irritated me when he would act like the model husband and he was above cheating when he in fact did cheat. Seemed hypocritical to me. We all knew Trapper was kind of a douche and he was pretty open about it but BJ acted like he was the most amazing person.

    • Well, it does have something to do with whether the actors want to keep doing it. I think the guy who played Frank quit, so they had to find a new guy. They might have softened his stance like they did with Charles, but they didn't get the opportunity. The way they messed with Frank when he got paranoid was classic. Everyone who was married is revealed to have cheated at some point, except for Klinger. Even Col. Potter had cheated on his wife many years before. I think Trapper was a good guy, he just had a weakness for cheating. I don't think B. J. always acted like he was the most amazing person, when he was missing his family he was pretty clear that he was prone to snapping about that. He only cheated once though and felt horrible about it. He was going to tell his wife but Hawkeye talked him out of it. He felt bad about not being able to be the model husband since he was over there.

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  • Hawkeye would be my style.

    • Really? I think I'm more of B. J's personality.

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