How to ask him to take a picture with me? Do's and don'ts? Any reason he wouldn't take a pic with me?

So i want to ask him to take a picture with me, as Sunday is the last time we see eachother for a while, and i sneakily take pics of him, but before he leaves i want a picture with him... HELP, i am really shy, and I've asked him his snapchat before, and he's given it to me so help...


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  • hm... dont be shy! JUST DO IT! heheh YOLO right? :D just dont kiss or cry in front of him hahaha! normal smile and normal eye contact!

    • Do I say, Hay can I get a picture with you. or Hey his name can I get a picture with you?

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    • But like I said there's a high possibility I'll marry him. Because there's a lot he's done to hint at a future.

    • still.. keep calmm dont push it too much. you are still young to experience these kind of things. like choosing the right one. i had a friend which sums up like yours. 8 years, but she never got with him so she gave up trying hard. she ended up leaving the country. and right now her wedding reception is coming this few week. so stay young... do what you gotta do in life.. study hard work hard. good and stable money/income and then start a life with a family.

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  • The only reason why would be because he's cheating. So I say go ahead and ask him


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  • Just tell him let's take a pic together. He's only human what's there to be shy about


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