Does anyone know how to work out the distance between landmarks on Google maps?

Does anyone know how to work out the distance in meters between places on Google maps? Or some other website?


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  • Double click on one place, or search it on the search bar and then right click on the other place and select Distance to here (I think it's something along the lines of that, you'll know).
    On thenleft side you'll get the details, like the distance how to get there with different transportation methods...

    • I think he meant as the crow flies, not travelling.

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    • Go to google maps. At the lower right corner there's a symbol like a train, press on it and it'll show you two text boxes where you would right the two places you wanna know. Right bebeath it you have the details

    • The icon may also be an arrow, depending if you have a place selected or not

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  • It usually tells you the distance in miles down to the first decimal place. Then you can just convert it.

    • Sorry the areas aren't place names and are away from roads

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