If you were in a zombie apocalypse (dream) & you could do anything you desired (that is acceptable.) (things that aren't is in description) u do what?

(setting the scene) You & a squad of zombie killers as are sent to a dark, blue night fogged sky to evacuate the citizens there. The other soldiers take & guard the peoe to safety. U are left behind (duty) to kill any zombies. You get up on a all wood made tower (with wooden legs & supports) & see from a distance that the citizens are evacuated safely. The zombies climbs the small tower where you are WHAT DO YOU DO?
restrictions= waking up, supernatural/super powers, calling reinforcements & no surrender (letting the zombies devour you) you can use anything and everything at your doorstep

(this dream actually happened to me)


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  • First of all I would marry Rick Grimes :) Second of alll, I would make sure I marry Rick!

    • Uuuhhhhh... Ok... : / ... Not sure how that would keep you alive. (But I did say you were all ALONE)

    • (I don't even know who you are talking about. Never heard of this human)

    • Rick would kill all the zombies and people if they come at me sideways. Rick grimes is the best man to married to if you're in a zombie apocalypse.. unless your name is Lori... and you're a whore who fks his best douche bag friend named Shane.

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  • I probably would try jumping off and hoping that I don't break my ankles and if I don't jump off if I had a knife I would probably stab them and let them fall on each other and then try to climb down and run away towards The evacuation and if I don't have a nice try kicking them off or if I'm trapped I don't have a weapon I'd try to crack my neck It's funny you're having bad dreams too I had a dream last night where some guy broke into my house and then pulled a gun on my sister and shot him in the head and he was still alive and then shot my dad and then I woke up

    • The secret that I didn't say was restricted was U can pull out ANYTHING that could be on you >: D
      Ps I NEVER said it was a BAD dream.

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  • Let them eat me so I'd wake up and then go back to sleep hoping I have an erotic dream this time around...

    • You will uncontrollably go back to sleep if you choose to wake up. & the Sam scenario will happen each time. You feel t

    • He zombies eating at you. It's like being in hell except you have the option to make it end. How? Do something other then die of course!

  • Lock and load, after all, can't let the termites run free now can we

    • Nope, however I didn't have to worry about any termites. My maneuver was to swift & awesome (true dream story)

    • Haha exactly right, so we're the appointed extermination squad >:D
      ooo legend haha, got the moves and all huh haha

  • What kind of zombies are we talking about here? world war z zombies or shaun of the dead zombies?

    • Black ops 2 zombies & the area is based of of the DLC origins map