Whats your biggest fear?

Whats your biggest fear?
Heights! Still, I went on this swing ride that goes like 400-500 feet up in the air (ITS HIGHER THAN IT LOOKS I PROMISE).
I sat with my cousin and the jack ass he is, decided to prank me by saying that some screws fell out of my seat.
I was closing my eyes the entire time bc it felt like I could see ALL of Massachussetts. And when he told me that I just kinda froze and started tearing up lol.
You guys are free to include more than one fear, if i'd have to choose a second fear it would be bugs.
Just freak the hell out of me. Moths and cockroaches are gross, grasshoppers and crickets scare me bc they hop-WHY TF DO THEY HOP? and i'm scared of spiders and wasps bc well painnnn.
Really i'm afraid of any bug, except for fruit flies or ants or ladybugs. My ONLY exceptions, I can just swat away fruit flies and hold an ant in my hand, but ANY other bug is a no-no.
Other bugs bc they're gross...


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  • Haha, oh my god. I would hate my cousin if he did that. My boyfriend is terrified of things that sling you around because he has terrible motion sickness.
    I use to be really cool with heights, not a care in the world. But then I went to Gravitopia and did the rock wall climbing with no harness. I went all the way across the first time and couldn't do it after that first time. I've went back twice and attempt it 3 times each visit. I dunno, now heights frighten me. Haha, it's so bad, I can't go down the firefighter poles on a playground when messing around with my boyfriend.

    My biggest fear is dying or something catastrophic happening to the world or me or my family.

    But the fear of heights crept up on me, and I don't appreciate it.


    • Ugh, ikr I have no idea how it happened but it did for me and psht its like the worst thing ever. Grrr ):T
      I luckily don't get sick from cars or planes or roller coasters or boats. lmao I don't know how.
      I'm not afraid of dying actually? I've came close to death 3 times though, maybe thats why? And that I believe there's a better place after we die and i'm super excited to meet God X'D but i'm still afraid of my loved ones dying a bit and being all lone.
      (Btw, hows that prune juice and Life alert I mailed to ya ;D?)

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    • I touched a live telephone pole lmao. It fell down and I was like 4 or 5 and I was curious so I touched it and then my mom called the police men to come fix it then my twin brother who was watching me told my mom and the ambulance had to come to check me out, and the police/firefighters/ambulance said it was live and they don't know how I didn't get electrocuted. My mom said it was the work of God lol :P
      The second time I was 6 and I ate my mom's pills lmao, I was rushed to the hospital and had to chug down like char or something, some black liquid. I forgot what pills, but I took like 5 in one day and it could have killed me.
      Third time I was 8 and there were these yummy raspberry vitamin medicine, and it specifically said to eat one a day and I ate the entire thing lmao. And I had to go to the hospital again and they said that if I had eaten only a few more I may have died.

    • Whoa, if you were born in a different time you would probably be eaten by a leopard or something. You were a very curious child.

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  • Loosing a loved one <3 :)

    • Aww, I feel you, my dad is 75 and my mom is 64, my dad always tells me he hopes to see his grandchildren and that just makes me so sad. Like my parents are so old, so my time with them is super limited.

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    • Aw ty you're sweet :))

    • Its my absolute pleasure :)

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  • Probably spiders or clowns.

    • Clowns lmao. I watched like this movie with a clown called like Penny-worth and it had this theme song:
      'This is Halloween, this is Halloween...'
      CREEPY AF!!

    • I think I got a fear of clowns and the circus from watching Dumbo when I was little :P Someone I know also put on a youtube video for something called 'Carnival of Carnage' and I was stupid enough to watch it. If you're scared of clowns it's definitely not a good video :/ It's like... A stage show? It's actually really good, it's these people getting ripped apart or shredded or having hearts ripped out by this insane clown and the special effects and how they manage to perform it live on stage is awesome but it's so creepy :(

    • Woah, I DON'T do well with gore!! I almost faint when I see blood (*cough* this is a problem for me, specifically once a month)
      Lol I think whoever made Dumbo was on weed bc I remember that part with the bubbles and rainbow colors and dancing elephants and I was like 'This is what happens when you smoke weed...'

  • Honestly? Failing to live up to my potential and being the one to hold myself back.

    • If you don't believe you will, you won't! We always set up this perfect lives for ourselves, what we can do, what we will become, we always think that our lives are going to be awesome, we'll have our dream jobs, dream husbands, perfect house, family, etc. Everyone wants a great life and you may not get your dream life, but if you put in the effort and the mindset, (ik this sounds corny) you're capable. You may not be capable of your dream life, most people aren't, but just living up to your potential will take you great places :)

    • Thanks. Life just weighs on u sometimes. But these sure are wise words 😄😘

    • Thanks! I feel you.

  • Bugs. NO NO NO NO NO!