Is there some sort of attraction that we are not aware of?

I've had he strangest occurences happen when im with one of the managers at work. Nothing has ever happened between us, nor did i think about him in any way other than as my boss. He is an attractive guy but i had my eye on someone else and he has a girlfriend.

But for some strange reason, people think we are together. Even people that dont know us assume he's my boyfriend. The other day i was discussing a work related issue with him and a customer comes up to us and says "aww. Is this your girlfriend?" And we both just stared at him for about a minute. We didn't say anything. And the customer said, "oh its just that the way you look at eachother, it looks like there's something on" ... more awkwardness. We were silent until i said, "no i just work here" and he said "shes just an employee" my boss wouldn't look me in the eye after that. I brushed it off and acted like nothing happened because i could tell he felt awkward.

A previous time, that manager, another employee and i were joking around in the break room and my manager jokingly mentions how handsome he was so i roll my eyes and laughed and i made a sarcastic comment and the other employee said ,"hey ____, you're making her blush" and i said "im not blushing. Im always pink" the manager agreed but after that, he started talking about his girlfriend. Later that day, i walked by him and he brought up his girlfriend to another employee again.

Way before all this, he had to interview me for a different position and i was nervous but as soon as we walked in the room and shut the door, he said he was now nervous. He sat as far away from me as possible and he even put a chair between us.

So I don't know what it is going on. What could make people think there's something between us?


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  • when he was interviewin u... did it happen AFTER all those things this other employee and customer said abouthim and u? if yes there r 2 possibilities.

    1) it makes him nervous dat other people u and him might be a couple
    2) he actually likes u and that's y he gets nervous and tries to be distant as possible from u, so he'd act more "professional"

    even if he has a girlfriend... it doesn't mean he cannot like other gals of course

    • No the interview happened before my coworker said that and before the customer mentioned this.

    • then #2 i beleve

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