Does this make it seem like I gave up?

So I tried a new job today and after 30 minutes I realized it wasn't for me, they didn't train me at all and wanted for me to start taking care of customers, they told me if you need help find someone, while taking care of someone. The hostess at this place had way too much responsibility and someone wasn't going to shadow me. I was a manager at a place and never left the person I was training. The person that trained me was cursing up a storm in front of management and not paying attention what so ever. I told the manager thank you for the opportunity but this wasn't for me. Someone was quiting that day too after only almost a month


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  • I've walked out on jobs if the place didn't have its shit together. Just didn't say shit then id usually get a phone call asking where im at lol.

    • Hahahahh omg I should have done that like peace. But they hired my sister and myself together so I had to be polite. I ditched my sister though

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  • No, you did the right thing.
    Why would you want to be in a environment like that?
    That sounds ratchet in my opinion.

    • Someone said I should have gave it my all then left after a full day.

    • No, you don't need that stress.

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  • I worked at a place one time where a guy was there 15 minutes on his first day and got a call on his phone from a different job saying they wanted to hire him. He said, "gotta go, see ya later" and left.

  • sounds like a crappy disorganized work environment I'm sure you're better off not being there

    • Maybe they need to call that guy on the show "Bar Rescue" lol

    • Lol thank you for that laugh.

    • Yeah you should go the shows website and put their address in and see if they get a call😊

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  • If the situation was that bad, then I don't think you gave up, you just realized that working there would be horrible and cut your loses while you still had some sanity. I hope you find something else soon :-)

    • Yes I had one job only and I stayed their for four years, I already know when I'm going to like a job so yes staying their would have been horrible, thank you!!!

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