Unexpected high reaction?

So I'm 20. First time getting high happened last night...
it started off good, I was laughing and I was laughing so hard that I had tears. When I noticed I had tears I began to start crying.
I felt a little calm after and then BAM... I start crying hysterically and my date is trying to calm me down and tell me that I'm okay and I just start crying harder until I scream and cry then scream again... I looked like I was in pain or terrified of something but all it was.. Was an emotion high, it was so weird, I just was reacting to what high emotion I was feeling and it didn't make any sense.

then I laughed it off... So my date got me out of the car to start walking... Lol my date must think I'm crazy because he took me for a walk...
Anyways, I felt fine... And then we sat on the bench. He leaned in for a kiss, I puckered my lips and as soon as he came close I rolled my head back to make him miss and I laughed my ass off. I don't know why I thought that was funny.. But then I just kept laughing and laughing and so he got me up to walk again and I was feeling fine! We were walking and I saw a garbage can in the side walk where the sprinklers were spraying it and in the back of my mind I thought it was funny because it looked like a predator alien... But I decided to keep that to myself because I knew it was just a garbage can and it wasn't funny.. I think proceeded to lean into my date giggling and the pointed at the garbage can and said that it looked like an alien... I laughed my ass off.. I thought everything was funny except for my dates jokes. loooool
he told me I was being so cute when I was crying and laughing, but I know he thinks I'm crazy after that freak out Lolol
anyways, I thought weed made you chill and hungry? I calmed down after him and I fucked, but I was never hungry last night.
Was I high or having an allergic reaction Or something?


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  • Damn that makes me miss cannabis so much. Sounds like you were high to me. Maybe a little too high. But as long as you had fun.

    • Well he said that it wasn't the weed so I was just wondering why I had that weird reaction... I was so embarrassed. Especially because he said it's not the weed so I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy now

    • Hm... sounds like you were really drugged somehow; weed or someone slipped something in a drink somewhere. Either way sounds like you were pretty tore up. There is a very slim possibility that it was an allergic reaction to something but I've never personally seen anyone react that hard to typical allergens.

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  • Don't do drugs kids


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  • Why would you get high before a date?

    • We went on our date and then got high in his car together afterwards. I've been dating him for 5 months now.

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