People of GAG: How do people find 'fu*k buddies ' or FWB? I find it weird and interesting?

I've always woundered this..

And how the hell would you bring up that you just want sex from eachother?

I've only had sex with 1 girl (my current girlfriend) and I'm just curiois of how these things work


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  • You just have to meet people and if you click things can develope.


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  • I don't get it. Friends that have sex = a relationship

    • No.. Sex isn't everything in a relationship... Also one night stands are not a relationship.

    • FWBs are a consistent thing. And being friends means you have things in common and care about each other. Thus, friends with benefits are really dating but they're just being awkward about it

  • my best friend of two years and i just started flirting and stuff and eventually it lead to nudes and meeting up etc... i guess your relationship just develops and you both kinda realise that you want a bit more from each other i think it's more a gradual thing. At least it was for me.


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