Who can sign my passport photos and passport form?

I am going to be applying for a Passport but I want to know if my doctor signing the Passport photos and the Passport form has to know you for years or can they just sign it because I have just moved to a different doctor?


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  • Most UK large post offices have a checking service. They should be able to give you the latest requirements. It can be anyone not related to you, who is a professional person. This includes dentists, teachers, possibly shop managers, engineers, clergy. It's better if they have letters after their name to show their professional status.

  • Huh? Why do you need someone to sign your passport photos and form?

    • Because a witness has to sign them too to prove that you are who you say you are on the passport form.

    • Don't you just take your birth certificate and a family member with you for the first time you get any ID document and then use your old ID card or old passport when getting a new one?

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