Is it really worth it to keep talking to him?

There is a guy that only wants sex from me, we haven't really hungout yet but he keeps saying that we will. We were texting for a few weeks and then stopped talking because he found a new girl that was only pretending to like him. After that girl said she didn't want a relationship with him, he came running back to me. He was too embarrassed to talk to me at school and is still embarrassed for his friends to know about him. He won't get in a relationship with me, because he doesn't want that with me. We always text but I feel like he is also talking to a few other girls. He likes every picture in facebook of a girl that he sees. Sometimes, he doesn't even mine though, but every other girls. I feel like if I give him sex then he will potentially stay and maybe get in a relationship with me? But there is that chance that he will leave me after sex and never talk to me again... I really like him, but I don't think he feels the same about me. Maybe he does, but he has never told me how he feels at all.
So I'm trying to decide if I should ignore his texts from now on or just keep texting him back with a chance of being together later on? Please help me decide.

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  • Ignore him and see if he keeps trying
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  • Ask him if he likes me
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  • My advice, is to forget about him.

    A friend of mine was (and is currently back in) a relationship like yours. She liked this guy, who was her "Dream Guy" but all he wants is sex. At first they would hang out (she's country so they would go hunting together) and he would ask her if she wanted to do explicit things that I'm not going to elaborate on and she would say no and he would leave her alone and not text her for a while. then he would randomly text her again and ask her to hang out. This went on like a cycle for quite a few months. Even when he had a girlfriend he would still message her. Sometimes he would send normal texts, sometimes he would ask for a picture.

    She finally gave in and had sex with him and every time they would randomly meet up after that it would be just to have sex. He never asked her out on a date or mentioned even being in an actual relationship he just wanted sex because he knew she would give it to him. She recently got into a relationship with someone else and even though she told him he shouldn't message her anymore, he would still send her explicit messages asking her if she would want to "hang out" again. Now that she and the guy she was dating are over, they're back to "hanging out" again, but he still hasn't mentioned making it official, even though she keeps bringing it up.

    So moral of the story, and what I'm trying to get at here, is that if you're wanting an actual relationship, this guy is not the answer and if you do have sex with him it doesn't mean he wants to date you. I see it as if you give the guy the benefits of the relationship without the obligations of one, why would he want to be in one?

  • Just ignore him.

    • If he keeps trying to text me, is it ok to text back?

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