Does anyone have any experience with mobile game development, I might have a good idea?

I have an idea for a game, inspired by pokemon where you start, and the game gives you a random "monster" to start with, and other users can battle you, in order too initiate a battle you must get within the vicinity of another user, and your phone gives you a notification, and if you, and the other user accepts you battle. there will also be tournaments via country's/continent's that will not require being in vicinity of other users, and battles will award user xp, monster xp, and cerdits (used too buy potions, monsters, or monster containers (used to capture wild monsters)) there will also be another aspect, that will use (idle phone shakes, or timers) to initiate wild monster battles, and the monster lvl will be determined by the player lvl... I think this idea would be good for whoever can make it happen, tell me what you think. :)


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  • That sounds good!