Do you think any of these conspiracies about Gravity Falls right?

If you do please comment on your favorite theory?

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  • Okay, so for the theories:

    1. Not really connected. It's a reference because the creators are friends but that's that.

    2. Bill appears in everything. EVERYTHING. So the tapestry is no show for anything. But they are right that it's not an unreasonable theory. Perhaps not a possession exactly, because Dipper's eyes change when Bill is in full control, but since Bill has not been seen since the episode, it's probable there is something of a "dormant" thing going on.

    3. The tattoo thing was covered in the newest episode. And it isn't a tattoo. Unless both brothers are lying, of course, which is very possible. But also, they said that Stan tries really hard to keep it hidden. Ha! No, he doesn't! He walk's around with half of it showing most of the time! And Bill's interpretation is cool in that aspect because of hoe Stan got the tattoo. Still, I like the alchemy theory.

    4. Er... no. Robbie is a grumpy teen.

    5. The five-finger thing is interesting. It probably has to do with the magic bolo tie he's wearing. It could be keeping him child-looking or something. I think the demon thing is mostly because he's insufferable.

    6. I mean, it's Gravity Falls, aliens are very possible.

    7. The reading of thirty years ago was the one that either sent McGucket through the portal or the time Stanford became trapped. There are also more theories saying that Bill came to this world with the test dummy that went in with McGucket. I'm more into that theory.


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  • I don't think so.