I'm missing this guy a lot?

I want to say hi and ask how he's doing, but I feel like he might hate me.

I sort of deleted/blocked him.


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  • Reach out.. A friendly hello never does any harm...
    Worst case scenario he is quiet... That's nothing different to how it is now anyway, so you have nothing to lose, but something to gain ;)

    • The thing is, the last time I was really mad, I almost hurt him, even though he was being nice later.

      And then I additionally deleted him, I don't know whether he's angry or he's past it.

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    • Well his girlfriend sort of doesn't like me.

    • If he has a girlfriend, maybe just let it be for the moment

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  • I'd reach out - as long as you can mentally handle the response (or none at all).

    • He also has a girlfriend now I don't know whether he'll think I"m interested?

    • It depends on how you go about it. Do you WANT him to think you're interested? If you do, then leave him a sentimental and open ended message (basically say that you've been thinking about him and regret how things ended, and would like to meet sometime to catch up). But in this case, if he is bitter and has a girlfriend, he might throw that in your face (immature, but we all do immature things in the name of love and anger)

      If you DON'T want him to think you're interested OR you just want to play it cool, then just tell him that you're regretful of how things ended, you're glad to see that things seem to be going well for him, and you wish him well.

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  • Unblock him talk start a conversation...


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