Am I attracted to my cousin?

So at first me and my cousin never got along and we would always argue. But then we started hanging out more and now we do. We go to the same school and he recently just graduated which means I won't see him at school anymore. He's also going to college soon and eventually I won't see him at all. Whenever I go to my aunt or uncle's house I try to spend as much time with him as I can because I know he's leaving. Its like i always wanna be around him. Picturing him leaving hurts really bad. One day I even started crying and my chest started to hurt. It was like my heart was broken or something. I really don't want him to leave and I'm really going to miss him. Is it normal for me to miss my cousin this much or is this something more than just missing him?


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  • You really care for him.
    You two have a very close relationship.

    Are you attracted to your cousin?
    It's possible.

    You wouldn't be the first person nor the last.
    Many people that didn't grow up with their family members may find them attractive.
    However this only becomes wrong when one of the two people initiate something together (incest).


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  • You are probably going though something closer to separation anxiety. You sound more upset you'll be seeing him less than a heartbreak.

  • You formed a connection with him, I'd say you just see him as a really good friend and it always hurts knowing someone you're close to is going to be leaving. It's normal

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