What are some fun hobbies?

It's kinda a long story but basically I only have 3 friends, 2 of them I hardly ever see anymore though because thy are working now and I'm still at uni. So I don't go out very often.

What are some fun hobbies I can start doing by myself that are away from home?

Update: I'm looking for something more outdoorsy/away from home since I don't go out much.

Suggest some cheap fun sports if you like.


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  • Ok, here are some things I thought to be nice hobbies to do alone. They aren't all outside things necessarily, but I thought I'd list them nevertheless. Hopefully you see one of these that you like :)

    1.) Running. Gets you fit, is very cheap, and you get to explore the land... and if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, you're going to survive :D

    2.) Guitar. You can buy a cheap acoustic guitar at a pawn shop or online and play that anywhere pretty much. Then you can play with people, play by yourself, form a band, whatever. It's not only something fun to do, but you get to feel productive as you do it. And, since you are at a uni, you can go outside and play just about anywhere and no one will care.

    3.) Poetry. Goes well with guitar because then you can write songs. Can express feelings. You can also do things like make short stories. With practice in this comes experience.

    4.) Knitting/Crocheting. Takes a lot of time, plus you can make cute scarfs or whatever you want.

    5.) Art. While many people say "Oh, I can't draw!" that is probably because they never gave it a shot. Art is one of those things that you get better at practicing at, like music. It seems rough at first, but you can only get better and better. It is cheap too. You can start with pencil and whatever paper that's around, then you can work your way up to pen, marker, scratchboard, you name it. And you can draw anything -- dogs, the view from a window. Heck, you can walk (so exercise) to a cool location with you art supplies and just sit down and draw. It is a very relaxing thing to do.

    6.) Cooking - What's better than a fresh homemade apple pie made right?

    7.) Scrapbooking - You can get all your photos together and create a scrapbook of them. You can make it as cute as you want it, and you get to preserve all your memories that you've made through the years.

    8.) Photography - Digital cameras are pretty cheap now. You can walk or run to a cool location, take a picture, and run back. From there you can teach yourself how to edit photos. If you become good enough, you can actually get paid to do it :D

    9.) Yoga - Keeps you in shape, is peaceful to do, let's you get fit, zen, etc.


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  • Read manga online, watch some anime, watch cartoons, draw, write a story, exercise, go shopping

    • Thanks, I might try a few of those 😊

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  • Eating pizza, playing video games, getting high on life

  • im also much like you. I have a couple close friends, but i don't see them im at the university or my internship.
    I spend a lot of time alone. im an engineering major, so i sometimes program for fun, mess around with shit, etc. usually the computer. i also love video games, you can always have something to do in video games there are so many lol! only thing is, not to get addicted and to waste too much money. I also am learning how to cook atm and love to try new things! i chat/skype/multiplayer games with my friends as well. We all usually can get online together and it is as if we are hanign together.

    • Thanks, I already spend a lot of time at home though so I was looking for something more outdoorsy/away from home

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  • Try sports.

    • Ok, thanks. What sports do you think would be fun?

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