What are the countries who got mandatory military services? And for how long? And for both genders?


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  • Israel obviously. They are surrounded by countries that don't want them there.
    Both sexes.

    North/south Korea because these 2 don't like each other. War can break out.


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  • I only know that in Europe, Switzerland and Austria are the only two countries that still have a mandatory military service. And the Austrian parliament is currently discussing to get rid of it, so soon it may only be Switzerland in all of Europe. In Switzerland, military service is only mandatory for men but women can join the army if they want to. The normal military service lasts 1 year. However, if your superiors happen to like you a lot or think you would make for a good commanding officer, they can actually force you to get promoted and keep serving. You can't say "no thanks" in that situation because this would be considered a refusal to obey orders. That's why most men try extra hard to piss their superiors off or come across as particularly lazy and useless ;-).
    I also know that in South Korea, military service lasts for 2 years (and it's only for men). My girlfriend is South Korean and her brother currently has to serve in the army. In North Korea, military service is also mandatory but for men as well as women. And the usual period of mandatory service is 5 years (though this can be extended to up to 15 years). North Korea spends more money on its army than any other country (25% of its GDP). In Israel, military service is also mandatory for men and women. But I'm not quite sure how long it lasts... I think it might also be 2 years like in South Korea.


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