What will you do if you see very heated argument going on in your neighbour that is disturbing you?

What will you do? Will you tell them to shut up? ... its disturbing you...

  • Tell them to shut the fuck up.
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  • Kick someone's ass there.
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  • Play some music very loudly so it will disturb them back!
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  • Get the headphones on!
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  • I don't mind that.
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  • Go and Solve their shit.
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  • Ask what is happening...
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  • well it's none of my business so i won't do anything unless i feel there is some sort of physical violence about to break out. only if I'm 100% sure that's already happened then ill ring the cops.


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  • As a road captain of our area's crime watch, I have all of our patrol deputies' cell phone numbers. I'd call one on duty and have them check it out because there may be something more going on than just a simple disturbance. Three people were shot to death during an argument about 12 years ago about 3/4 of a mile from me.


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  • Headphones... It's sad to say, but I'm used to the yelling