Why are rock stars only nice to pretty young fans?

There are some rock stars out there (can mention) that seem to only want to be genuinely nice to pretty fans who they fancy and are rude and nasty; or phoney to others. Just want to know why they don't care about ALL the fans and is there any Rock Bands out there that aren't so prattish to fans? If so, please point me out to them. On occation you read and hear stories of how nasty, dismissive they are unless you are a pretty and YOUNG girl. Are there any rock stars who are not arrogant and nacissistic and do all rock stars only care about sleeping around with groupies (even married ones)?

Is there a techinque to make a rock star be nice to you? (in talking about my experiences with then they are have been abusive and rude)

I was also publicly humilated by one (and still haven't got their fhead out of their hole to appologise to me)


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  • Yeah I know what you're saying. I met Stephen Pearcy (the lead singer of Ratt) once and I told him I was a fan and still have a couple of Ratt cassette tapes.
    And his response was "yeah you're probably going to try and sell them on EBay".
    So I've experienced what you're saying first hand.


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  • Because the whole point of them being a rock star is to get pretty girls.. that is what got them to want to be a rock star in the first place


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  • That's their prerogative.
    Give attention to the ones who you think are fair.
    I am there to listen to music, not to crush on performers. So it matters not to me either way what their behaviour is.
    You are gonna find assholes everywhere you go. They do not deserve, nor have they earned your attention, and you should ignore them and get on with enjoying your life - it's the best way to get back at people who try to bring you down.
    If people are not meeting your expectations in life, consider moving on from them.

  • What I don't get here is what exactly are you looking for out of rock stars? Do you want to date them or get with them or simply be friends or what?

    • I am not not asking to be a groupie. All I ask for is them having the courteousy to be nice to other type of fans that they don't find attractive.

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    • I mean, after forking out a lot of money to buy concert tickets and CDs you would expect at least some politeness towards fans. Thats all. I do not want ot be a member of that club. I am 33. I am too old. But it annoys me when many are only nice to the young ones that they want to sleep with. It poses the questions why are they only nice to a certain group of people?

    • maybe they haven't grown up who really knows.

  • Because they're just plain attractive.

    Because if not then the artist can get into trouble easily.

    Because they're sick of dealing with fans, even people that like their fans can only handle so much of it. They might generally like and be thankful for their fans but on a personal level they probably are just sick of that shit sometimes. If you're going to show anyone your good side, why not show it to young attractive girls? It seems like the best option.


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