Can you log someone off your Netflix account?

I don't know how my brother got my password for my Netflix account? But he is ride and I don't want him using it. Is there any way I can log him off without getting on his phone?


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  • He most likely got your Netflix account history such as username / password , do you log on to another computer / cell phone using your Gmail account if so , do both use Chrome browser , i bet you're both on the same IP number similar thing happened to
    me and my cousin, she had to make sure she was on Chrome with her Gmail and
    i had to make sure that I was logged into my Gmail account because of us being on the
    same IP number we were picking up each others computer history ,

    • Well my phone now use to be his phone?

    • Yeah them things do happen same happened my laptop used to be mine
      but i gave it to my cousin and I'm leasing one now but it happens ,,

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  • change your password :)

    • Thank you ☺️

    • should ask him to log on when he goes on next and will make him just the amount of annoyed to make you laugh :)

    • You are clever! 😁 I like it, thanks :)