Any tips on life?

Tips can be on anything like exams, partying, relationships, friends etc.. Include personal experience if you want


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  • Don't follow the crowd
    Don't cheat
    Be nice to people
    Be hard-working and always try your best at everything
    Always do as much practice exams as much as possible and ignore everyone in the examination room and pretend you are there by yourself it helps with nerves
    Do not drugs
    Have fun
    Don't turn into a wife beater, asshole or peudo
    Never talk about your friends behind their backs
    Never cyberbully
    Don't do internet drinking games
    Always talk to someone if you are cyberbullied; and block and report them
    Have a career goal
    Always wear a condom when having sex
    Be loyal and trustworthy
    Get job experience to get references
    Don't get an ego


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  • When you are in school, I think it is better to focus on impressing the teachers first rather than your classmates.

    And yeah do things earliar, so you won't rush in the last minute.

  • I don't think I can give you any helpful tips... I myself suck at life big time.

  • My tip is " don't ask for tips.. just live it.. "

  • Dont lend a greek person money.


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  • No advice, Life sucks anyway.

    Just try and pull the tiny slivers of goodness out of the ocean of shit i guess?

  • If you're trying the first time, jump.

  • The reason people evolved language was to deceive one another. Words are like the magician's handkerchief, they are to distract and misdirect you most of the time. Watch what people do and don't pay much attention to what they say.

    Outside of science and math and physical skills most of what you are taught in school is bunk.

    People are shaped by instincts much more than they admit or even realize.

    Look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, most people in developed countries are stuck on the 'love/belonging' and 'esteem' levels, that supplies their primary motivation.

    You don't really know a person until you stand between them and something they want.

    There are three main kinds of love. The instinctive attachment of parent to child, the infatuation with an object of attraction which comes from your brain being overloaded by the struggle between inhibition and the compulsion of attraction and the love that grows between people who have bonded by long association or association under great stress. They don't have much to do with each other.

    Is this enough or do you want more?

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