Gamerssssss... help?

out of these 3 which would you recommend?
and how hard are they compared to Fallout?

1) oblivion

2) the witcher
(im currently in witcher 1 in the swamp and honestly thinking about leaving the game... I HATE THE SWAMP!)

3) skyrim

i finished <3 fallout new vegas <3 and was looking for somewhat an alternative because i love this sort of games
and fallout 3 doesn't work on windows 7 because it was made before it (or something) :(
and i've already done Fallout2 and all that


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  • I have heard that skyrim is good.
    Watch some videos on youtube of these games and see what u like

    • by the way , its a good thing that u asked this anonymously...

    • lmao it is?

    • FOr some reason , the guys keep on trying to find gamer girls (I am a gamer but i am not one of them) . In other words , u just avoided a load of dick pics. Good shit.

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  • Witcher 2.


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  • the New witcher is incredible, hundreds of hours of great content. Skyrim is also great! If you want to do all three, def do oblivion before Skyrim, because Skyrim is the same system, but way improved and better in every way and you won't be able to go back!

  • skyrim and oblivion are not that hard when you figure out the patterns they are very fun though. the witcher 2 and 3 are really good a little different from each other though and the witcher 3 is long as balls if you do side quests 100 hours to beat the game minimum without side quests.

    • reallyyyyy? awesome !
      i was thinking about NOT getting witcher 2 or 3 because they might be too hard as well

      idc about length lol

    • They are both really good

  • I have never played The Witcher, to be honest I was extremely turned off from that game because it forces you to be a certain character and follow a set narrative. I've beaten both Skyrim and Oblivion, Oblivion is really more fun for just running around and fucking with NPC's but Skyrim is the more polished game. Oblivion has better NPC's, more ways to interact with them, plus a fun duplication bug that you can use to cheat if you want. They both have mods but I have only modded Skyrim.

    • i started oblivion but I don't know,,,,, doesn't seem very appealing... or maybe its because the very first time i tried playing it i was in a horrible mood and now my brain connected things together I don't know lol

      im still inside the castle... is it normal that this part is slow and a bit boring? does it get better?

      and honestly im in it for the adventure itself, not the shooting and fighting and stuff, more like exploring and talking to people and such

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    • oh so it's normal that the first part is not appealing?
      well great ! i thought it was an old game and would be boring for us nowadays compared to others

      alrighty :D ill give it a go

    • I really hate the first part. There have been times I started a new game but just gave up after character creation because I didn't want to do that dungeon. Oblivion is older so it does show a bit of age compared to Skyrim, but the NPC's have a lot more variety and depth.

  • Skyrim by Far!!!

    Such a great game.

  • skyrim ofc.. goooooooo for it

  • 4) Counter Strike GO

  • Witcher does seem good, lots to do.


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  • I'd go for Oblivion or Skyrim
    (or Dragon Age : Origin )