Does anyone forced to be diapered?

I mean because of urinary problem
Or because pee or poop his or herself and diapered by his her parents as punishment


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  • My baby brother hated diapers. I think he was forced.

    • Sometimes teens are diapered too

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    • I believe that if you try it you will love it its so nice to fill your pampers with pee and poop and get changed from someone

    • My mom change me whereever we are

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  • If I take a whole ambien before bed. ... well my wife h as incontinence and I'll wrap one of hers on to stay dry... it's rare when it happens when we're both wearing but we stay dry throughout the night... but when morning comes we get fun and get all moisty


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  • I don't think so.

    • Sometimes teens have to be in diapers

    • Im wearing pampers all day and night I pee and poo in it until the diaper start to leak. Every night before go to bed i poop and pee without to be changed. I fall asleep in the messy and peed diaper and i get changed by my mom next morning. Sometimes i go to school in messy diaper or i poop my pampers during class. Sometimes i can wear the messy diaper for a hole day without a change. i love to pee and poop in my pampers

    • You should try it its perfect

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