Microsoft Office tolerance?

Another waste of time devoted to Microsoft products that fail to work + tech help finds no solution (again) then has attitude. They are not trained in serving customers. Anyway back to point: seems the solution is to void from Excel's memory a past file opened that is now corrupted... if Excel will stay open long enough to fix this.

I only have ONE program that must use Excel, all the others play well with Open Office suite of tools. This software is freindly to everyone, not a competitive shark taking down competitors (anyone not MS) and goes back to simpler times of use but with power if you need it.

I'm wondering if I'm the only professional that has been whipped by MS so long that I've become prejudiced. I realize that users only employing simple programs & spreadsheets, et al. will find nothing wrong here.

So to those professional - please shed your opinions and any insight into how to make MS more harmonious and waste corrective time less.

win8.1-64 (a nightmare that has become a joy... temporarily)

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  • Find a way to divorce Microsoft. They are anti-competitive. Find, or have developed, a replacement for the program that REQUIRES office.

    • Agreed & I have begged the engineer to offer an Open Office version, falling on deaf ears for many months now. Seems that Office 2010 contains an Excel that is free from the failings of its high tech more contemporary sisters.

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  • I teach computer science and have used Microsoft Products for years. It's been a love/hate relationship. I left Microsoft for Apple once, but the relationship just didn't work and I ended up taking Microsoft back. We fight now and then, but for the most part we get past our differences.

    • Office suite product of choice, then?

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    • Using 2013 Home & Student version to avoid RENTAL drainage, shouldn't that work for you @ $130?
      That said, this is the topic of my "rant" today.

    • Yeah, you'd think. And you're right that the average user won't notice anything out of the ordinary. Only people who use it for work get into things like vLookups and VB Macros, places where you can really screw things up, lol.

  • I'm sorry that you don't understand how Microsoft Office works, but over 1 billion customers can't be wrong. Compare that to the tiny 50 million Apple users.
    Although I do understand that it can be complicated which is why colleges offer courses on learning how to use it.

    • Thanks for your opinion and loyalty but I've been using Office since it was invented. It's not about understanding use, it's preference to more friendly alternatives. In today's case, there is no alternative to run an engineer's program on outside of Excel. MS techs can't figure out why Excel ran fine last month but not this month (the only changes were MS auto updates). All versions of Excel have been uninstalled/reboot/installed separately (e. g. even the 360 version) to no avail. Hours have been lost while they hunt, peck & want to take over computer control. The last time they stole more than a week was that infamous Update for 8.1 that put a Search option on the Startup Screen. Their top techs couldn't solve it but a tip from Norton techs DID.

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    • I also noticed that this is just a rant and not based on any real logic.

    • I was looking for professional users, not smart asses - just saying
      Please use your boredom somewhere else

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