Are there any outside jobs?

Are there any jobs one can work outside? I have a degree, but it's in Communications. I really want to work outdoors. Does anyone know of any kind of job that won't require me to go back to college? Thanks!


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  • There are LOTS! of out door jobs, plenty that pay very well too. Try looking into the trades as a good place to start. They have good pay, easy going work environment, lots of hot fit guys around, plenty of outside work.

    • Like what?

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    • Okay, keep in mind that I am a woman who only weights about 117 pounds, and can only lift 50lbs over her head (I workout :p)

    • yeah that's fine, women in trades aren't very common but they are common enough, I have seen some pretty small women handle them self's just fine. They even make tools now with smaller lighter form factors for women to use more easily.

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  • Theme parks?

    • They don't pay enough and are seasonal

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  • Something in zoo?🐢🐘🐧

    • I think you have to have some kind of degree for that? hmmmm