80s music poll: Favorite album by Phil Collins/Mike + The Mechanics?

Yeah both Genesis-related…M + M were fairly good they had a really good song called “Silent Running”

But from these options guess I’d pick “No Jacket Required”…. Sussudio was a massive one and probably da best song PC ever managed to record.

  • Face Value (Phil Collins)
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  • Hello, I Must Be Going (Phil Collins)
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  • No Jacket Required (Phil Collins)
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  • ... But Seriously (Phil Collins)
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  • Mike + The Mechanics (Mike + The Mechanics)
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  • Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics)
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  • Phil Collins is awesome
    ... But seriously is great i actually have the CD

    but Hello I Must be Going, is also great...
    I don't know if he had a bad album

    i think i will go with But Seriously cause i know most of the songs on it


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  • I don't listen to music but my mum has Phil Collins greatest hits in the car. I think that his music has aged seriously well, I love Something Happened On The Way To Heaven!
    Just my thoughts :)

  • I am going to cheat and opt for a solo Peter Gabriel as my Genesis related Pick.

  • Yup, gotta go with No Jacket Required. I'm a huge Genesis fan. Loved their style of prog rock.

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