What do you think and how do you feel about the sandra blain story?

No this isn't about seX but it's a serious question and a story that needs special attention. What is your Prospect Avenue onto Sandra Blaine story?

Sandra bland's story! Look it up...


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  • That does seem a bit out of left field for someone who had so much going for her, to commit suicide over a minor traffic infringement... on top of being in custody for 3-days, despite apparently assaulting officers...


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  • Who is Sandra Blaine? Google isn't showing me anything about her? :/

    • Sorry Sandra blands

    • Oh, okay :P I think the way the police handled her arrest was disgusting. The reason why she was arrested was stupid, the mug shot looks like she was in pain already and I can see why people say she looks like she was on the floor when it was taken, she's 6 foot tall - how is she supposed to have hung herself off a 5 foot wall? Plus, in the photo of her cell after she was found, the bin has a bag in it, so what? Did there happen to be two bags in the bin? When she was taken in, in the video you can tell that she has no intention of suicide, she is intending to get out of there and sue their asses for the way they treated her. The original autopsy performed isn't considered to have been performed to an adequate degree, so they're asking for her body back. This whole thing is suspicious, and I'm not going to trust what the police say when we already know that it's been open season on black people recently.

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  • I think it's very sketchy. Something is wrong there. No matter if she were dead in the mugshot or if ahe really did commit suicide. The people working at the jail and the police officers are at fault.

    But that story gives me chills. Dead from a god damn traffic violation. Jesus.

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