Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8?

If anyone has Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, cna you please tell me how to take out its SD card from the given slot. The slot is small and so is the memory card and I am having a hard time in taking out the memory card.


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  • Not familiar with that particular model, but usually SD cards click in and out - i. e. you push it in until it makes a clicking noise, and then it is released and pushed out.

    Obviously don't use too much force to make it click, in case I'm wrong :D

    • I tried to do it, but it's not working. :(

  • 1) Take a toothpick
    2) Chew in it until July 27th
    3) Take Galaxy Mega and throw it away
    4) Get credit card
    5) Buy OnePlus Two

    • hahaha I took out the memory guard. Thanks for the advice though :P

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