Do you identify as an informal caregiver?

Can you guys help me out? I need some feedback for a project I'm doing for an internship. No one replied to the thread I started on another forum (that forum is part of my internship so it's not random). I'm hoping I'll have some luck here.

If any one identifies as an informal caregiver and is thinking or planning on going into a healthcare career, please read on...

The Caregiver Action Network (formally the National Family Caregivers Association) identifies individuals who care for friends and family with “chronic conditions, disabilities, disease, or the frailties of old age” as informal caregivers.

If you would like to transition into a healthcare career, do you have any concerns? As an informal caregiver, what kind of information would help ease your concerns or advance your progression into the healthcare field?


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  • My wife and I have moved out of our place and moved in with my folks that are moth elderly and disabled , we have been care giver and arand runners ( Dr appmts. etc etc for 15 months now. My dad is terminal and my mom has mental issues. We began to do this as an alternative to them being placed in nursing homes where they would be forcibly separated after 46 years of marriage. When this is over and done with I will never obligate myself nor my wife to do it again


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  • i think it might be hard to do.