I am so worried, and don't kw what to do in my future?

I am 28yr old female. And I am scared & worried that my future turn so ugly and full of depression. I don't have proper job just working as part time my salary is so little like about $300. I have worked full time before but I am slow learner that doing cashiering in settlements and the Staff were so angry at me and bullying me. And I always feel bad and sad that I try so hard to remember cause it's so complicated that's why I don't want to work full time. And my life I trying to find good boyfriend till future, and I tot my boyfriend now that could be the one that he promise me he will make me happy for months past his being not loving and spending time talking on phone with me😒. I never had proper boyfriend in my life that always make me happy.. I get jealous of other girls that's they are so happy n joy with their boyfriend. I never had experience in my life before.. I don't have any close friends to go out with Notthing my boyfriend is long distance but not so far away just like 3hrs ride from plane cause his from Malaysia and I lived in Singapore. I want to get married but I don't kw my boyfriend will married me cause his 32yrs old. He told me he will married me only he need to come Singapore meet my parents. But I don't kw wen he always tell me soon πŸ˜“. I had very hard time and financial problem hate this life making me feel too stress sometimes I wan stay my own but not enough money.. what to do? Pls have any advice.
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  • If you are a slow learner - try doing a job that requires a lot of repetitive tasks or doing an entry level job like McDonalds or PIzza Hut or a Janitor. Janitors and Garbage collectors make a lot of money and their job is not intellectually demanding but is unpleasant nonetheless. If you are really desperate for money - become a janitor or garbage collector. If you aren't desperate get a job at pizza hut or mcdonalds.

    • 😳😳. Nvm I find job.. Better then this, work part time, extra job. $10 per hr. Do promoter F&B. I apply Cath Kiethson part time also.. Hope they call me cause my fren told part time no need do cashier hehe..

    • Working at fast food restaurants is a VERY hard job. There's a lot of pressure and lots of work to do.

    • I worked at one and it was EXTREMELY easy.

  • What if you go to a therapist? He/She can help you with your problems. It's pretty hard to give you any advice because this sounds serious.

    • The therapist I went so hopeless. And they give medication I never accept. I scared to take medicine from them worried go mental.

    • I've gone threw some mental issues and believe me, the medication helped A LOT.
      You take them to stabilize your emotional and mental condition and they will try to discontinue the medication as soon as possible.

      But be warned, they'll take some time to find the right medicine, that works for you. This kind of medication can and will influence your mind. For instance, my thinking was very slow.

      I took them for about 1 1/2 years and stopped taking them half a year ago but I realize that I still need them. And I probably will need them for a few years but that depends on your mental disorder (s).

      If you want to know anything else, just message me or we can talk about it here in the comment section.