Whoelse gets this intimidated feeling when there around a group of people that know eachother?

I know it's a weird question but everytime im by myself maybe on a bus/train whatever and a group of people (Usually Youngsters) sit in and around me im soo self conscious. I dont know if it's because there being really loud and laughing or whatever but I feel like moving just an inch of my body and they will eye me like a hawk.
It's a irrational fear but I dont know what it's called I searched it up but I can't find it.
It usually feels a lot worse if there near my age/attractive and a mixed group of guys and girls. Im dont fear that there going to hurt me or anything I feel like im being judged and watched even thou im not. It's soo pathetic when I sweat a little. I hate myself dammit. by the way im actually not a shy awkward person but in these situations im crazy.
Whoelse can relate to a degree and some words of encouragement woukd be appreciated.


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  • Yeah, i am same way usually they are younger than me and can be males/ females
    so i know what you mean..


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  • Maybe you have anxiety


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  • They are probably to interested in their own group to even notice you and if they do say something to you just go along with it and have some fun maybe make some new friemda