Would you move out or no?

Would you move out if you make $13.60/hr and you work full time (2080 hrs/year)?

My options are:

Move out
Live at home for an additional year and save up to move out next year

What would you do? If I stay at home I won't have any bills and all the money I make will be mine. I can save for retirement, etc. If I move I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford to save extra money.


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  • Usually I would say, move out when you have atleast/almost 6 months of rent to live off of. That way you won't stress yourself out. Moving out is a step that you have to be sure to take, I mean it's one thing to move out, the last thing you want is to move back home because you can't handle it.


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  • It's impossible to know if you could or not without knowing the cost of living in your area. Like in my area you could live alone just fine but somewhere like I don't know San Francisco it would be too little to live alone comfortably.

  • yes i would.

    • Will I be able to live on that wage?

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