Do people get annoyed if you keep asking them to go out?

How do you feel when someone keeps hitting you up (not romantically but socially)? Either you always say no (obvi in a nice way) or you have said yes like the first time and they're the ones who keep making the intitiative to hang out? Do you get annoyed? If you're usually not down to hang out, does that automatically mean you don't want to hang out with them? Or are some people not the type to make the intitiative and usually flattered when they're asked to go out? How do you normally ask each other to go out? I've been on both sides where I'm the one to always text a friend to hang out and sometimes we do but lately we don't. I feel like I annoyed them or they obviously don't wanna hang out w me in general. Then I've had people (usually guys) to keep hitting me up and I usually say no, it depends, sometimes I don't respond basically saying I don't want to hang out. But I want to know if its the same for everyone.


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  • yes they do.

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