These are the reasons why guys who know/feel that they're unattractive shouldn't post questions about dating struggles on GaG. Agree?

This is what guys who know/feel like this need to know.

1. The majority of people on here have never been in your shoes or never been in your shoes to the degree you have been , so they won't understand. Realize you're a minority on gag.

2. The majority of people's dating life on gag is good to at the least, barable. Since yours isn't, You can't expect them to even fathom that. You have a unique experience and will feel like a alien on here.

3. You will be ridiculed and told that its a 100% your fault. You will be expected to beat up on and solely blame yourself. People will also talk shit to you (keyboard gangsters) and tell you to "man up" "grow a pair". You will also be expected to have unconditional hope, and never let constant rejection faze you. You will also be told that there's someone out there for everyone, despite the person/s inability to prove this.


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  • So what exactly do you wanna hear then if being negative (ie:, telling them to man up) or positive (ie: telling them that there's someone out there for them & not to let the rejection get to them) isn't cutting it? Plus I hear waaay more about guys with little to no dating/sex/relationship experience on GAG than any website I've ever been on.

    • I'm just really telling them that its a waste of time venting because people are only going to ridicule them and tell them its 100% their fault.

    • Ok I see what ur saying but I've actually seen the total opposite. I see people trying to encourage them.

    • Yeah usually here I just see an give positive comments of encouragement.

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  • 1. I'm a #minority also since I was born into that #20% of men (looks wise). So naturally speaking I won't have much trouble attracting females, unlike the so-called ugly guy. So guess what my dude? I know 1st hand (through years of EXP) that unlike me the so-called ugly guy is "going to have to work to get girl's attention".

    Yet on average I can walk into a room and instantly have about 5 girls checking me out at once (they don't hide it either LOL). So yeah I can imagine how it must feel being on the other side of things. Where even 1 girl wouldn't give me the time of day all because of my bad looks

    2. Umm read #1 because even though I was born into the exact opposite of this situation. I still feel bad for the people who weren't. Since I've seen it happen 1st hand to all of my bad looking friends where they got no play what so ever from the opposite gender. Causing them to feel so depressed to the point where they may have tried to kill themselves because of it.

    3, This only happens because most GAGers are #optimistic which is a good thing ^_^. I'm more of a realist though, so I have no problems whatsoever telling __ that "we both know that as an ugly person in this society that you're going to be fighting 1 big uphill battle your whole life + have it tough in the dating scene. Which you already knew through your 18+ years on this earth of no one giving you the time of day all because of how you look, right?".

    I don't say that crap to be an A-hole for a change. But to just make them realize that no matter how you wanna cut it #Looks do In fact matter even though all of these other GAGers are telling you differently. Which is usually said to give them false #hope even though like you said "You will also be told that there's someone out there for everyone, despite the person/s inability to prove this" which is true, but they fail to take into account that these people don't have #Many options (if at all) which is why they can't find a partner to begin with.


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  • 1) majority of guys on gag struggle (obviously) but then who are they to give advice. So yeah, you fucked there.
    2) Please see number 1
    3) yes, that info is almost always wrong.

    So yeah, nice guys are pretty screwed.

  • Thank god for guns.