What are some things on your bucket list?

Ever since I was younger I've had the same things on my bucket list, a few things are;

- To kiss a Brit.
- Ride a blimp.
- Attend an Arctic Monkeys Concert.

What are some things you dream of doing before you die? :)


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  • Riding in a blimp sounds fun, I should add it to my list.

    A few on mine are:
    Learn German
    Travel around Europe
    Get a motorbike license
    Study architecture
    Get married

    • Oh dude! I totally want a motorbike license too! I want to just have that moment where I'm looking all sexy in my leather jacket n' shit and I just pull up and take off my helmet and just shake my hair, Haha!

    • Thanks for mho 😊

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  • Find a girlfriend.
    Buy a nice, new, modern 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in a good area.
    Travel Europe.
    Travel Japan.
    Travel Australia.
    Get my dream job in Tourism.
    Start and write a blog giving people that want to travel with advice on each country. Dangers and annoyances, good places to visit, places that are overrated plus lots of other advice.

    • There was also study tourism at university on my list but I have just completed that goal.

  • Well, I'm quite a globetrotter, travelling is one my biggest passions. So one thing that is definitely on my bucket list is travelling to every country in the world at least once (and by travelling there I mean to stay there at least for 2 days or so, just being at an airport in that country doesn't count). As you can imagine, this will be a rather difficult plan to realize, not only for financial reasons but even more for political reasons. Travelling to Afghanistan or the Republic of the Congo is not exactly the safest thing you can do. Sadly, many of the extremely dangerous places in the world are also incredibly beautiful places. For example Afghanistan used to be a very popular and exotic travel destination for European backpackers until the late 1960s (back then it was peaceful and very idyllic.) Still today there's some fascinating nature in some parts of the country. It's a shame it has become so difficult to visit such places.
    Other things that are definitely on my bucket list are:
    - Having children
    - Eating a menu of one of the few cooks in the world with 3 Michelin stars
    - Having a MMF and a FFM threesome
    - Publishing a novel or a collection of short stories
    - Learning my girlfriend's language well enough to speak it fluently with her
    - If I have the time and motivation after my master's: getting a PhD.

  • -Crossing a continent on a bike
    -safe a life
    -make a crying girl smile
    -Hang gliding
    -surprise my SO with a special gift or suggestion for 64 days in a row.
    -take a old lady on a date to give let her feel special again
    -take a old lady on a date to give let her feel special again (zero cravity)
    -Visit Every Continent
    -Solve a Rubiks Cube
    -Trek to the Lost Mayan Capital of El Mirador for the Apocalypse
    -Lunch with the Dalai Lama
    -Drakensberg Amphitheatre Heritage Trail and Chain Ladder via Sentinel Climb
    -Moonlit Horse Riding in the Witzenberg
    -kiss a total stranger in the middle of the road in daylight

    there is still a lot but that is what i can think of right now. hope it helped.

  • ~See a Kakapo
    ~Go to Iceland
    ~Catch all the pokemon (I'm getting closer to this one :D )
    ... Those are really all I can think of at the moment. I must be quite a low maintenance person :)

  • Jump out of a plane, have a threesome, drop acid, and win at least a regional fighting game tournament just to name a few.

  • My final accomplishment must be to rule the galaxy as father and son.

  • Visit countries all european countries
    Write a book
    Run a marathon

  • just want to see you on webcam


What Girls Said 9

  • 1. To face my fears
    2. To find a guy that WON'T cheat on me
    3. To go on an airplane
    4. To be more of myself and stop being shy at times.
    5. To bungee jump off a bridge
    6. To stop having insecurities and just be me.
    7. To have a guy bestfriend that will be there for me no matter what.

  • - Travel all around the world and collect all my memories into a book
    - Start my own resort and use some of the money for a fund to help poor children in third-world countries
    - Start a dance career
    - Major in different studies (if possible)
    - Fall in love and start a family
    - Visit a Beyonce concert
    -Visit a Nicki Minaj concert
    That's all I can think of right now^

    I dream big😎... well except for the last two maybe😅

  • *visit a country in all 7 continents (four left to go...)
    *be rich by the time i'm 35 (working on it)

    these are just a couple...

  • Set foot in all continents
    Let go of a floating lantern
    Go to the Ellen Show

  • -Bungee jump
    - Go to Italy and think I've fallen in love for a week then decide I'm not
    -Travel the world
    -Go on a hot air balloon

  • -Build my own animation company
    -Create a successful toy line
    -Form a rock/metal band

  • -publish a work
    - visit a specific country
    - do a dance video

  • -camp in the north under the lights
    -shop without a limit for an entire day
    -scuba dive in Malaysia and Australia
    -visit all the best amusement parks in the world
    -sit in an F1 car (even if it's just for a sec)
    -to have a bikini perfect body
    -trecking in the Himalayas
    -go on an African Safari!
    And that's just the beginning of my list😋

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