Feeling responsible stops me from enjoying my life. help?

I always have the feeling of responsibilty and the feeling that I have to study for my future and care about everything and everyone. I'm facing my own problems and others problems maybe I could help them. I'm facing depression and I'm really tired of all of that. and because of that now I can't enjoy my life anymore I'm even afraid to fall in love again because I have other responsibilities and the priority thing. some people say that I'm really good, brave and kind for having these feelings and being responsible at that age (17) but people can't imagine how hard it is.


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  • Maybe I can. My dad had a stroke, then recovered, and had another, worse stroke, leaving him in a wheelchair, needing constant care. I lost my job trying to take care of him. What could I do? He's my dad!
    It was a long, lingering death, when he was later diagnosed with cancer, and wouldn't accept treatment. It took five years, caring for him daily, making food, bathroom, showering, getting in and out of bed, before he finally surrendered, and passed. I had to start my life, my career, all over, after almost 8 years!!
    I get paid sht, less than teachers!!!
    I still fight, I won't give up, and give in! It wasn't my choice, but I had to do what I did, for my dad!
    Yeah, I'm depressed, I have nobody, now, I'm alone with my dog, but I'm alive and have a house and a job.
    Sometimes SHT happens, and usually to good people!! Work it, don't give up, don't surrender!!
    They say "Good things come to those that wait," I'm still waiting, but I don't give in, and surrender!!
    Message me, privately, and maybe we can chat...

  • i'd say wot's harder mostly... is fightin yer depression... everyone had a resp. more or less... but depr's is a tough one...

    also do u avoid fallin in love again coz u might feel heartbroken and make u feel worse i guess?

    • maybe I'm afraid to feel heartbroken again but my study is important too so it has the priority

    • at least hope it makes u feel happy focusin to yer studies :)