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I guess I'm a typical teenager because I'd like a phone. Not a big, fancy smart phone. A phone with a slide out keyboard (that I currently own,) would do. See, a few years ago, my parents gave my mom's old phone and hooked it into a government plan for not rich kids. I've been using that for years, but now I've gotten a job, I'm involved with several activities that require me to talk to people over the phone quite a bit, and have more friends that live far, far away.

All that to say, I'm using all of my minutes. (I get like 250 a month.) How much would it cost to hook into my parent's verizon plan? I don't remember the name, but it's unlimited talk and text, and comes with like 4G of data...


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  • i think its about $80 a month.


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  • about 150 I would say


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