Should parents ever expect their children to be perfect?

People often tell kids how we shouldn't expect too much from our parents since no parent will ever be perfect but you often hear so many constant whining and bitching from adults on the internet (especially here on GAG) these days about how kids are this and that. The way I see it is that you made the choice to have kids. Therefore, you should accept what you are given, not expect a lot from your kids and deal with the fact that no child will ever be perfect or fit your ideals. Otherwise, just don't have kids, quit your whining and shut the fuck up.

  • Yes. Regardless, parents have the right to dictate exactly every single thing on what their kids do, what they believe and how they feel.
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  • No.
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  • No never should.


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  • Every generation whines about it. Why? Because each generation defies the previous' ideals or expectations. So, you'll be hear whining parents in our generation and its not going to stop.


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  • Definitely not. No one is perfect and shouldn't be expected to be a perfect person.


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