Do parents have the right to control their children's emotion (in a negative sense) and their opinions?

Like for instance, lets say a parent has a teen child who holds a different political and religious beliefs from them and the parents disagrees with his/her beliefs. Does that mean the parent has the right to force their beliefs on their own child just because they "gave" them a life or because they are older and "younger people are always wrong and have wrong opinions"?

I sure as hell would hate to have such parents. It would feel like I'm living in Communist or Facist household with such parents.

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  • Not at all.


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  • Trust me, it sucks and only hurts the relationship and this is coming from personal experience. I grew up in a religious household with leaning Democratic views and such. here's how it was in my house: We worship God and you believe in him (Christian), you ARE straight and WILL marry a man when you're of age and push out kids, you are NOT homosexual or transsexual, you WILL be with ONLY black men, and you WILL raise your kids in a religious home.

    Now the reason I capitalized certain words was because it was like that. No if, ans, or buts about it, you will do it and like it pretty much.

    Now I'm 18 and my views are pretty much opposite. I'm not religious, don't give a fuck about religion in my life, I am transsexual (but grew up a lesbian), I prefer white/Hispanic women, and I'm not pushing out any kids but I want a few although religion won't be a factor. As a result of my different views on life, including abortion and about damn time legal gay marriage, there's been a strain on our relationships.

    A lot of my older relatives do not like me, think I'm a disgrace. Some have disowned me altogether. It hurts knowing me having a mind of my own is ruining my family ties, but I'd rather be free to think what I want than a slave to their opinion. My mom thinks I need dick, my granma thinks I need God. The only person who doesn't care is my dad, who actually thinks I need a girlfriend and someone to care for haha.

    In all honesty, family trying to control a kids viewpoints on everything is the fastest way to lose them. We grow up, we move on, we experience life, and we develop our own opinions. If a parent can't understand that, then they shouldn't be having kids in the first place.


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  • My mom always forces me to go to church with her. Currently I don't have anywhere else to live so I just go. (Fresh out of highschool) Usually I take long to get dressed so she'd just leave me home though.
    As for the political thing, my parents don't care about it. Neither of them have ever voted

    • Maybe I can understand religion to a degree for the sake of not leaving your family members alone in church and just getting more ideas of how your parents beliefs are. Even though I'm clearly old enough to have my own religious and political beliefs, I still go to catholic church with my mom for the sake of not leaving her all alone in church (because I tend to feel bad for her sometimes).

  • I don't know what you mean by force. if you are living under their roof and authority they have a right to expect you to respect and obey them in all reasonable things. For instance if you decided bathing was bad for you they would have a right to expect you to bathe anyway.

    • I mean forcing their POLTICAL and RELIGOUS beliefs as their children get older (to a teen age, old enough to be aware of politics and religion in general). I don't mean disagreeing with your parents on whether or not bathing is useful to them or not.

    • Well I can't imagine why they would want to. What difference would your political views make to your parents? How could they force you to think something you don't think. They may require an outward show, like attending church. As I said I think they can expect that as long as they are supporting you. it's little enough. They can expect you not to be rude.

      Teenagers do tend to have poorly considered opinions, there is nothing like having to support and be responsible for yourself to shake some reality into your worldview.