Chubby guys: have you ever found yourself looked at like the 'good, stable guy' and no girl would consider you a cheat or a bad person?

Or is this not the case?

Girls - do you view chubbier guys as more decent human beings than ripped guys?
- as in less likely to cheat and overall nicer

P. S.
I realize iany generalization, including this one, is innacurate, but it's a stereotype thing.


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  • i used to be chubby (not just chubby... but anyway... ) years ago and i considered myself a person who would make a gal cheat on me within a day at most.

    and yeah i've heard about this rumor dat "chubby" people r better human beings but that's a myth and nothing more. in fact judgin from my xperience i was worse when i was fat... i was super-aggessive and i was gettin irritated by every little thing.


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  • I'm going to be honest, I view some of them as more humble but the majority of chubby men I see are with their wives and children and have really great personalities lol but that's just my personal experience, obviously.

    I don't really have much in common with the more muscular guys for the most part, the ones i've encountered who asked me out were all arrogant and very pushy, just wasn't my thing.

    That being said, I wouldn't generalize from looks alone because i've met chubby guys who were loud and arrogant and buff guys who were actually nice, so it's always better to not judge people based on your past experiences.

    I don't view anyone as a more "decent" human being though, i'm not very trusting in that manner until I get to know someone. Also I don't believe anyone is less or more likely to cheat, I think it all depends on the person.

  • Maybe I view them as 5% less likely to cheat but its a small number.

  • I do seem that that's the way. I think that when I look at a hot muscular guy, that he is just a douche and and a cheater. I don't want a really chubby dude, but some one like Seth rogan is perfect

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