Any of you have one leg shorter than the other?

I suffer from leg length descrepancy my hips are not inline when I walk I limp a bit because my leg is 3 inches shorter than the other, when I stand on my right leg I'm 5'11" and when I stand on my left leg I'm 5'8" I've heard their were ways of correcting this but I'm not sure what to do.. Any suggestions?


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  • My hips aren't in line either, I don't limp though. You can get surgery to correct it, other then that wear one shoe that has a sole 3 inches higher?

    • Do it cause any problems with your walking? It do for me

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    • Not really, it hurts a little of I walk for a really long time.

    • Same... Sometimes I tip toe on my left foot when I walk because its annoying but that to is annoying so I should get surgery to get it corrected,
      I've got made fun of by one of my friends the other day because the way I walk lol did that happen to you before

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  • Does my penis count as a 3rd leg?

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