I am not understanding why some people?

Like to abuse their power? I respect people with authority. I understand the whole theory don't start any trouble and pick your battles very well. What I don't get is when you respect the person of authority and they still go above and beyond to abuse you? I'm and piss.


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  • I don't know if this is what you mean but I have noticed that a lot of people in authority are very insecure and don't know what they are doing. This makes them very anxious lest their inadequacies are made obvious and so they put on a show of arbitrary exercise of power in the hope of deflecting attention from their incompetence. It doesn't work, people just think they are incompetent and an asshole.

    You see the same thing in dogs. If a dog feels it has to take charge and doesn't feel secure it will develop all sorts of neurotic aggressive behavior.

    • Great theory because what just happen to me with someone in authority was like really it can make them look dumb by trying to screw over someone. Especially when it's obvious.

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  • It's the big me little you syndrome. Some bosses an super users for that matter get their jollies from being a total di@k to employes


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  • well you see if somebody gets the authority he/she would start using it to make themselves feel like they really do own that authority, just like a person with money they start buying brand names to show to themselves and the others that they got a lot of money...
    Well to these kind of people don't even think of giving them respect, if somebody with authority abuses you for the first time don't hold it in and stay back fight for yourself if you show these kind of people your weakness they would use it, but if you come up strong in front of them and not fallow all of their silly orders that you don't need to do, then they will respect you and find another target.

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