How can I cope with being inferior?

Serious quetsion. I feel I'm an inferior human in all ways I'm not attractive. I'm not succesfull and I'm not all that great around people. I'm in my late 20's I though this would be done and over by now. I try to achieve good things but I never see results for my hard work. My life has been nothing but failure. I dropped out of college for my sixt time and finally decided it was time to quit, I no longer have a grant and I can't afford it. I work in mcdonalds and only part time. I still have to live with my dad because I can't afford to live on my own. I'm extremly skinny and I work out and eat a "bulking" diet with excess calories and whatever but won't gain weight over 130 pounds. I'm below average looking and ofcourse no girls are attracted to me.

I'm on heavy anti depressants and if I quit them I get suicidal very quickly. I feel like an utter failure and before I could at least hope to become better and kept working hard. 9 days ago I became 27 and realized"wow I'm almost 30 and wasted my entire life being a failure" all my friends have jobs are married and have kids and I'm here working in mcdonalds getting passed on in job interviews too stupid for college and single. at this point I gave up all hope and stopped trying. I have nothing going on for myself.

Please save the whole "confidence is key to women" please. It's just not true (will ignore all statements like this so dont even try) I job hunt and read online about making agood resume and college I won't try again.(more like I can't)


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  • you need to find your own self confidence.


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  • Probably shouldn't have started taking those Anti D's they're banned in a lot of countries for a reason, anyway you need to be ready to ask for support from people around you.

    Spend a lot of time going on adventures and when you think of what you want or who you want to be, don't view it as an obstacle ridden daunting path, view it with excitement and anticipation because if you really want something you'll get it, trust me. A lot of people feel like you're feeling especially in a world where everyones trying to eat everyone else alive.

    All that matters is the goal (and your loved ones), never forget that and you'll be unstoppable.

    • Well my family hates me lol I can't afford to go out and do anything. And no I can't do jack shit I'm a failure and no ammount of hard work will change that. I used to think that hard work would improve my situation but I'm already amnd old man practically and the good part of my life is over and I never did anything. And anti depressants help asides from the side effects I'd probably wouldve killed myself without them

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    • Chess app would be the ideal I dont feel like learnign anything

    • Take it slow and let your confidence grow dude, you have to do things because you want to do them and not because you have something to prove, you will always feel anxiety if you do things for the second reason.
      When I fail I look at what went wrong and I prepare to face the challenge again with fresh anticipation. That's what life is all about.

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  • You need to live up to your expectations and not anyone else's. You don't need 50k a year and 2.5 kids to be happy. If that's what you truly want then keep working at it. If not, find things you enjoy and do them. No real point in caring about what other people think, it really just leads to more frustration than its worth.

    Remember, the only person who determines success is you.

    • Yeah I'm measurng my succes with what I want

  • Have you tried a professional counsellor?
    Those pills could be messing with your head, studies have shown that they have a lot of negative side effects.
    What worries me most is your a part of a group that Daesh aims to recruit. Stay away from their propaganda and try to seek help.

    • without the pills I start feeling suicidal and I do go to counseling as well and if they kill me then fuck it itll end my crappy life sooner -.-

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    • I hate religions all they tell you is "jesus has a lan for you"

    • Listen m8 I'm trying to help, I'm the last person to advocate going to church since I myself am an atheist but I can't deny the benefits it has on an individual lacking purpose and who is lost. Churches are a community organization that helps others. If there was a good secular alternative I'd offer it.

      I think right now you need to be around people that care about you and that want to help you. Perhaps it will rub off on you and you will start helping others, maybe even creating a secular alternative for church.