Depression and anxiety... is immortal?

I've been trying for years to get over anxiety and depression... drugs aren't strong enough, I've been on them al it seems,... i wish it could be over with but i always fall back, my family is not supportive of mee needing drugs or therapy, with the drugs and the part of it that do use it against me or as a way to judge me or my actions. whenever i get mad its "did u take your medication?" im not sure what to do. its sometimes comfortable likee sleeping wraped in a blanket aftera lonng day. been told its the devvil i know, i can't afford a therapyst so i don t know what to do... last one could no longer help me. I've had every low u can imagine... without being comited. theress a girl im interested in... but i have no job anymore and I've never dated... this problem with me gets in the way... but i need money and im geting so very lonely, im afraid this will last forever.

its been over 10 years since it started... does it ever stop?

I don't know if this is the wrong place for this but i had to get it out... sorry if im wrong


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  • I think it's fine to vent here.


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