New iphone app, new social media platform... What do you think of this concept?

It's called Beme. It's a more honest version of snapchat, and I adore it so far. It is still in the works, constantly improving, but so much fun. I'll give you a code to get in if you comment wanting one. I have tons of respect for Casey Neistat and have been a viewer for many years now. This app isn't my favorite, but what do you think of this concept?


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  • My friends and I wanted to try the app. Then we all stared at each other, realizing we don't know anyone else who has a code. Not sure if one person gets only one code to share to one person to add them to their list. If that is the case, well damn, now I have to decide which friend I want to give it to - yay... bringing people together!

    The actual app seems neat. Iffy on the fact that you can't see/review what you are recording. Want to share the awesome band who is playing on stage? Haha, well your spacial reasoning better be pretty fucking good, otherwise you'll have 4 seconds of either a random, dark crowd of people or the scenery just above the band's head.

    3:09 in video - The developer said, "Here, eat this apple, Casey Neistat, it'll make you look like even more of an asshole."


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