Why do I feel like crying for no reason?

I cried last last day in school for no reason. I just felt like crying and i'd burst out. I dunno why but it feels so sad/hurt but at the same it feels so good. Was it normal? Or is this depression?


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  • Probably hormonal. Menstruation does weird things to women. Depression is associated with feelings of emptiness and an inability to enjoy anything. If you're not feeling these things then you probably don't have anything to be worried about.

    That being said, it's always a good idea to see a doctor just in case. No one here can tell you for sure exactly what's going on.

  • I feel sad and depressed for no reason too... even worst when I miss my crush 😔 I listen to music or just cuddle with my doudou and go to sleep...

  • Yes sure that is normal to happen when we are close to friends

    • You love your friends and very typical for us to get close to friends
      you may feel better when you can see them again, start exchanging
      numbers, emails to keep in touch.

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    • You miss someone sure you will cry it only serves the purpose all normal..

    • Never be ashamed to express and show your emotional side

  • its maybe depression because of something happened with you before


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