Fun Game - Can You Tag A GAG User Of Each Sexuality?

The rules are simple, Tag a GAG user who is one of these Sexualities!, First to tag one from each of these wins MHO :)

Heterosexual -
Homosexual -
Bisexual -
Asexual -
Intersexual -
Pansexual -
Demisexual -
Transexual -

Feel free to tag yourself to which ever sexuality you are ;P

It dosent matter if you can't tag one for each, Just do as many as you can!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Heterosexual - @MissNowhere
    Homosexual - @boringmurderer
    Bisexual - @ myself :P
    Asexual - @Riggers
    Pansexual - @JackTyler
    Demisexual - I haven't actually met anyone who's demisexual on here

    I skipped out intersex and transsexual because neither of those are sexualities :) They're genders or sexes, so it doesn't really count (though I get why you'd make that mistake - unless you mean people who are only attracted to intersex or trans people but I think those are different terms) :P

    • I think that these are all right. If they're not, then I'm sorry <3

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    • Eyy, looks like I've been noticed. Thanks for tagging me :)

    • @JackTyler No problem :)

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  • a fun game where... someone tells multiple people's private sexuality to everyone without their permission?

    • Yeah I don't see how is fun

    • Well, To be honest, If you are tagged, At some point down the line you must have been open about your sexuality on this site, so... yeah... Plus, ''Private Sexuality'', Why would you be ashamed of your sexuality enough to make it private? Surely would you not care if someone said it?
      The purpose of this question i guess was just to let people know that Heteros aren't the only sexuality, and that there are a lot of others too. So, Sorry if you felt insulted by it, I meant no offence in asking this.

  • Um.. ... no

    • Not even just a couple of those? Obviously you dont have to do ALL of them xD

What Guys Said 2

  • wait until someone gets it wrong.. sparks will fly

  • um... no no