What have you done that nobody thought you could?

As a student in the area of Humanities and a lifetime as the "chubby" girl, I am currently looking for a nice job and trying to lose weight but it just seems like everybody around me looks at me with that "As if..." look. In fact, I do not think it is so hard, but in the back of my mind I keep listening to comments such as these (these are actual words I have been told):

"Fat runs in the family, forget it you will always be like this."
"Studying Humanities? Wow you really will love working at McDonald's..."
"It's a dog's world, prepare to live with mom until you're 30."

... Really? -.-
What are some things you have achieved that nobody thought you could? :) I would like to hear from you!


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  • I remember my tution teacher once told me that I would never pass 10th grade and I was a failure...
    5 years later I now have a first class Honours degree and an offer letter from London School of Economics and P. S.

    Now that you reminded me, I sure would like to see the look on his face XD

    • by the way I respect you for living upto your dreams, its easy to get disheartened when your constantly being told what you can't do, its a whole different thing to carry on despite what people comment. Hope all works well for you :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, you're around such negative people. You need to have at least 1 person that lifts you up.

    I'll be your cheerleader! :) please update me (message me) on how your exercise goes. I believe in you!!

    Mostly people (kids from middle and high school) usually looked down on me for no apparent reason.

    And these kids were people who shouldn't have been looking down on ANYONE

    Of course lots of people at that age are idiots, so there's no need to pay attention to what they say.

    Keep moving honey! And please I want to know about the progress you'll make :) prove those losers wrong!

    • Hey Purple Teardrops, thanks! Unfortunately you are soooo right (much more than you can imagine): I grew up with my mother only, and it just so happens that she is the most depressive, negative person I know :( lucky me, right? She is amazing but her negativity completely sucks my energy away.

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  • Parkour and being able to run up a vertical wall.

  • Training SkiJumping!

    • Wow that seems awesome!

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  • I moved out of my dads place
    I stood up for myself.
    I had an opinion (oh shock fricken horror)
    I failed yr eleven (She didn't believed in me but now they're disappointed in me? Get fucked)

    Heh. I haven't actually done anything substantial. That's about it. (Well to me all those points are substantial)

  • This guy I know believed he could jump over the desk, but I couldn't. Turns out I can jump over bigger, no sweat.

  • I'm currently absolving my apprenticeship as management assistant (administration, economy, IT and finances), 2nd year (we have 3 years). Before that, I finished my diploma in the same subject, just for 2years (short-term). All people, even my boss told me that I wouldn't make it that far... So I put all of my nerves together and went through those years... receiving the prize of the 2nd best in my job and of the whole state. That, I call a miracle-like surprise (:

    Now, I will continue in the higher level. They know with whom they're dealing with now (;

    Never stop believing in yourself - if you want to, you can achieve anything you want. I almost got thrown out of my job - I know what I'm talking about.

    • Wow that's fantastic! Congratulations and keep up the great work :)

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